SpeedMinder Map Screen

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Avoid speeding tickets!

Helps you drive within your speed limits.

  • It can audibly warn you when you are exceeding your speed limits.
  • It can audibly alert on approaching regular Police Speed Trap locations.
  • It can tell you what speed to drive when you pass one of your speed limit
  • It can audibly alert you at TurnMinder signs which you place near turns
          that you may forget or are hard to see in the dark.
  • If you are like a lot of people, you receive most of your speeding tickets in areas where you regularly drive. So most of your risk of getting a ticket can be alleviated by manually storing, one time only, a few speed limit changes/speed trap locations in a database. This allows you to be alerted whenever you drive past them and warned when you exceed your limit for these signs.

    SpeedMinder does just that.

    SpeedMinder will alert you when you are speeding by a flashing onscreen banner and you can hear a police siren sound (or your own custom sound) which gets louder the more you are above the personal 'OK Over' speed which you have chosen for that speed limit. In addition to, or instead of, the sound alert you can optionally add a vibration alert.

    Another feature is that when you approach a SpeedMinder sign that changes your speed limit, you can optionally hear a friendly voice tell you what speed to accelerate or decelerate to and see the speed change instruction that appears on the screen. The new speed that you hear or see is based on the 'OK Over' setting you have chosen for the new speed limit.

    You can adjust the volume of the audible alerts. We find it best to have the 1 mph over siren volume such that you can notice the sound but it is not intrusive. You can also adjust the SpeedMinder Master volume and the volume for speed sensitive alerts. There are many settings that allow you to hear only desired SpeedMinder alerts. SpeedMinder plays all these audible alerts even while listening to iPhone music however while you are on the phone, SpeedMinder only plays a fixed siren sound when you are above your limit.

    SpeedMinder handles special speed limit signs too, not only Time of Day limits but night limits, truck limits, weekday, Time of Year and more.

    To create your database, when you come across a speed limit change that is not on your SpeedMinder Map, simply SWIPE sideways anywhere on the map, at which point a speed limit table appears. When you are safely able to do so, TOUCH and hold the NEW SPEED limit value. At this point you will hear the value of the speed limit you are touching, if it is correct, SLIDE UP into the green banner to save it. The sign will be located on the map, where your vehicle was when you did the initiating swipe sideways. This method of adding signs works well in a dynamic situation with minimum diversion of your attention and is not prone to entering the incorrect value for the new limit.

    SpeedMinder uses many features to preserve battery yet can still provide audible speeding alerts whether the App is on the screen or not. However, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life so you should put your phone on charge while driving. Use either a USB cigarette plug with a normal charge cord or an in-car charging cradle for your phone. Good ones can be purchased for $15-$30.

    The most effective way to increase battery life is to disable SpeedMinder while you are not driving. Do this by touching the DISABLE X icon.

    By using SpeedMinder you are agreeing to allow our free use of and the automatic transmission to us of, your SpeedMinder signs and settings files. No personal information is gathered.

    We are confident that SpeedMinder will end up as one of your bottom 4, always there, icons!

    Let SpeedMinder be your speed minder!